* SES: Social Ecological System

The website shows the results of TOYOTA FOUNDATION 2016 International Grant Program


Project title:

Collaboration among stakeholders for adjustment of forest policies to international framework to reduce CO2 emission.


Core members:

- Makoto Inoue: Project representative/ Professor, Waseda University, Japan

- Ganesh P. Shivakoti: Project Manager/ Distinguished Adjunct Professor, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

- Shubhechchha Sharma: Coordinator and Accounts Manager/ Doctoral student, Michigan State University, USA

Policy leaflets as outputs of the project consist of:

  - Lessons for REDD+ from South East Asia (English): Integrated analysis     -->This page

  - Lessons from the cases in Thailand (English, Thai)              --> Please move to the page of Thailand

  - Lessons from the cases in Indonesia (English, Indonesian) --> Please  move to the page of Indonesia

  - Lessons from cases in Vietnam (English, Vietnamese)         --> Please move to the page of Vietnam

  - Lessons from cases in Myanmar (English, Burmese)            --> Please move to the page of Myanmar